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Everything you need to know as a Team Tommy's runner for our biggest fundraising event of the year.

Your donations could help fund...


A Tommy’s scientist for a day to make ground-breaking discoveries that save babies’ lives.


Allows our researchers to analyse over 60 biological samples to develop a pre-pregnancy endometrial test.


A dedicated PhD researcher for one month to try and find answers to recurrent miscarriage.

All of #TeamTommys could help fund...


A Tommy's scientist's research into Chronic Histiocytic Intervillositis for 2 years - a condition in which the mother’s immune system rejects the placenta, leading to stillbirth or miscarriage.


Tommy's Manchester research centre for an entire year - helping us carry out pioneering research into stillbirth, the placenta, and fetal growth restriction.


All Tommy's Pregnancy information and policy work for a year, including the Tommy's PregnancyHub. This information is accessed by millions of parents every year.

Why your race matters

At Tommy’s we refuse to accept that 1 in 4 pregnancies have to end in loss or premature birth.  

We are a community who stand up and refuse to accept that baby loss is ‘just one of those things’. 

Our aim for Team Tommy’s to raise £1,000,000 through LLHM 2024, will help us continue to find causes and treatments to save babies’ lives as well as providing trusted information and support.

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