Your LLHM Ultimate Checklist

Download your own interactive Ultimate LLHM Checklist and keep up-to-date with our Tommy's recommendation.

Download your LLHM Ultimate Checklist

Check out our LLHM Ultimate Checklist, for a full list of things to do before event day. This is a great tool to keep track of your progress as we get closer to event day.

Where should I be right now?

We've put a '✔️' next to everything we recommend you should have completed by now. Make sure you are keeping track on your own checklist which you can download above.

Recommended Fundraising Targets

  • £100 by end of January
  • £200 by end of February
  • £300 by end of March
  • £350 by 07 May (fundraising deadline)

Fundraising Rewards

  • £50 Tommy's running top
  • £175 Team Tommy's Shoelaces
  • £350 Fundraising Certificate
  • £400 Team Tommy's Buff
  • £700 Team Tommy's Hero Cape
  • £1000 Top Supporter Medal Ribbon Hanger
  • Decide on your training plan/schedule
  • Download the Coopah app, and get 4 months free training
  • Start training
  • Read LLHM's injury prevention tips
  • Join the Tommy's and LLHM Strava groups
  • Test out your on-the day running kit
  • Complete your last long run about 2 weeks before LLHM
  • Start to taper your training about 1 week before LLHM
  • Complete your LLHM registration (before the end of JAN)
  • Organise accommodation and travel
  • Read the LLHM Race Day and Tommy’s On-the-day Guide
  • Download the LLHM App
  • Keep your running number in a safe place and buy safety pins
  • Check the weather conditions
  • Be hydrated and fuelled for the day
  • Check your start wave arrival location and bag drop
  • Plan where to meet your friends and family after the event