Tommy's On-The-Day Map

Pre-Race Photo

We love our Team Tommy's pre-race photo, it's the perfect opportunity to meet your fellow Team Tommy's runners and get those last-minute nerves out of the way. We hope we can meet as many of you as possible if you're able to join us!

There will be 3 big Team Tommy's photos. We've added the recommended waves for each photo in relation to your wave warm up time. Feel free to choose whichever one you are most comfortable with though. Please check travel information ahead of time to make sure you can arrive at Horse Guards Parade at your desired time.

Photo 1: meet at 8:00, photo taken at 8:15

Recommended for waves 1 (Lightning), 2 (Cheetah), 3 (Mexican) & 4 (Chocolate).

Photo 2: meet at 9:25, photo taken at 9:40

Recommended for waves 5 (Sunshine) & 6 (Rainbow).

Photo 3: meet at 9:50, photo taken at 10:00

Recommended for waves 7 (Diamond) and 8 (Royal).


Music of London ft. Drumatic (Miles 1.4 & 11.5)

At miles 1.4 and 11.5, prepare to let the groove take over as you're transported through the Music of London cheerpoint. London is famous for its rich and diverse musical history, and as a vibrant and thriving hub for musicians, and we want to celebrate the creativity that London has to offer.

We're so excited to be joined by the incredible Dhol drumming band, Drumatic, at this cheerpoint. Drumatic have performed at a huge variety of events and provide a space to learn and play a vast range of Dhol drum music. Get ready for a moving and grooving cheerpoint where you’ll find yourself running to the beat of the Dhol and the cheers for Team Tommy's.

Rainbow Cheerpoint (Miles 6.9, 7.1 & 7.6)

Our Tommy's Rainbow Cheerpoint is back for another year, with it's bright pink banners and unmissable rainbow arch. The rainbow is a symbol of hope and in memory of all babies loved and never forgotten, and.Itis the central theme to this cheer point.It also celebrates the work of The Tommy’s Rainbow Clinic. Based in Manchester, and led by Professor Alex Heazell and lead midwife Louise Stephens; the Rainbow Clinicis a specialist service for women and their families in a pregnancy following a stillbirth or neonatal death.

Celebrating Tommy's Beginnings (Mile 12.2)

The LLHM route travels over Westminster Bridge passing the very place where Tommy's was founded, St Thomas' Hospital. You'll find us at the U-turn on Westminster Bridge, mile 12.2, to cheer you on to that finish line.

Tommy's was founded in 1992 in a broom cupboard at St Thomas' Hospital by Dr Ian Fergusson, Dr Anthony Kenney and one of their patients Lucy Nelson.

We'll be celebrating Tommy's with a classic open top double decker bus surrounded by the fabulous Rock Choir who will sing you into your final mile.

Tommy's Pink Carpet

For the first time ever, we'll be hosting our very own Tommy's Pink Carpet post-race area on King Charles Street. After you cross that finish line, you'll be sent down King Charles Street, so you won't miss us.

We know how much it means to have some fantastic photos to look back on and share, to remind yourself and your friends and family of your amazing achievement. We want to provide you with a fun and Tommy's-themed backdrop where you can celebrate being a half-marathon finisher and get some great photos to remember the moment! So come along and smile for the camera with your friends, walk the pink carpet in your Tommy's top, and you can even have a post-race interview with us if you'd like to, as a superstar should.


We'll be stationing our Tommy's photographers at all the major Tommy's locations, from the Pre-Race Photo, to the Tommy's cheer point, and the finish line. We can't promise we'll get a photo of everyone, but we'll certainly try our best. We've highlighted just a few of our favourite photos from previous LLHM's below:


We have some lovely ways non-runners can get involved on event day. Either cheering on our dedicated runners along the route as they tackle the 13.1 miles, or being a Team Tommy's official photographer. Fill out our volunteering form to get involved.